Drift 3


Drift 3 is an intriguing driving game where you must steer a car to compete with other players. Be the last survival person to get victory in endless races.


If you are an enthusiast of the car driving games, especially the drifting game theme, this game is ideal for you to meet your passion. Drift 3 is a new version of the car drifting game series with various new features. These factors are predicted to bring you thrilling and fascinating experiences in addition to the general rules of one drifting game. Let's see these features!

Press the start button to enjoy new fascinating features in this drifting game!

Before beginning the game, you can choose your name and your favourite car. There are various beautiful cars from cute ones to cool ones. Each type of car has different looks and presents different personalities to the user. Pick the most suitable car!

Note that in the setting section, you can turn on or off the tutorial mode to adapt your ability. If you are a new gamer to this game series, turn on this mode to receive guidance. In contrast, you can turn off this mode if you are a master.

As you can know above, your mission is to control a car to overcome all intense roads while competing with other players. Avoid falling into deep space. Crash into your enemies to push them off the track and try to survive as long as possible. Besides that, the general rule of a drifting game still remains with simple mechanics and easy controls. You have to use the left mouse button to control the direction of your car. Click and hold your mouse to turn. Release to go back. 

Features of Drift 3

How to control